SD Card / MP3 Playlist Sorter & Printer


If you use Windows Explorer to create an MP3 compilation on an SD Card or your MP3 player, you’ve probably noticed that the tracks don’t play in the same order as they appear in Explorer.

This is because Explorer displays the files in alphabetical order whereas the MP3 player plays them in the order they were saved to the flash card. The latter is more sensible because the tracks are played in the order the original album producer intended.

If you copy a group of files using Explorer, the order they’re stored on the flash card is completely unpredictable. Again, this makes it difficult to organise the tracks to play in the order you want them to play in.

SD Card Sorter/Printer is a little Windows program which will read an SD Card (or MP3 player) and list the tracks in the order they will be played. It allows you to re-order the tracks simply by dragging them up and down the list before re-saving the files to the card in the order you’ve selected.

I surprises me that there is no simple way in Windows to print out a folder listing – either alphabetically or any other order – so SD Card Sorter/Printer allows you to create a neatly-formatted ‘playlist’ which can be printed out to keep as a reference alongside the MP3 player.

It’s been tested on Windows 7 and 8.1 but should also run on XP.

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