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BaoFeng UV-5R Tranceiver

A friend recently sent me a link to this little gem of a transceiver on eBay. Although it’s been around for quite some time, it was new to me and, for the amazingly low price of £19, it was too good to miss. When you consider that the established manufacturers of amateur radio equipment would […]

Audio Sinewave Generator

Probably my last project until the darker nights are upon us again. Full details on my website: XR-2206 5Hz to 300kHz Function Generator

New Project

FM Transmitter for Car MP3 Player

Another PayPal Scam

Received an email this morning supposedly from PayPal. You can usually tell scams and phishing emails by the bad grammar and poor spelling but this one was almost perfect (click image to enlarge): I could almost have fallen for this one – until I saw the Subject header! 🙂 9/10 better luck next time ! […]

Scams, phishing and hacking…

With the recent hacking of the Talk Talk customer servers, the news media is busy wheeling out the usual so-called internet security experts offering the usual post apocalypse advice. One sentence from Talk Talk is particularly enlightening: ” At this stage, we’re not sure how many of our current and previous customers have been affected.” […]

Virus Warning

Look out for an email like this one: The attachment looks like it’s for an invoice but it’s a virus.

New Arduino Project

Arduino-Based General Election Party Picker I’m finding it really hard to choose my favourite Party for the forthcoming General Election so I thought why not let the power of the Arduino’s 16MHz processor do the hard work for me. So, here’s my latest Arduino project:

Simple Micro-SD Card MP3 Player

Although I’ve got a fancy little MP3 Player, it’s sometimes more trouble than it’s worth. For one thing, it’s a radio, photo viewer and MP3 player rolled into one. It’s also tiny. By the time I’ve worked through the menu system and remembered which button does what, I’ve lost interest! Of course the smart phone […]

Automatic Voltage Sensing Car Auxiliary Socket

There are many devices which are designed to plug into a car’s auxiliary socket (formerly known as the cigarette lighter socket) which, ideally, depend upon the voltage turning off with the ignition. One such device, which I’ve recently fitted to my own car, is a dashcam. Luckily, the power to my car’s auxiliary socket is […]

Rechargeable Lithium Battery Capacity Tester

Finally written up the details of my rechargeable lithium battery tester and put the info on my main site for anyone interested.