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Ultrasonic Fox Deterrent

A couple of years ago, I bought two of these fox deterrents for my front lawn but they stopped working during the winter. I’d assumed that there just wasn’t enough sun to keep the internal batteries charged but, when I took a closer look this week, I discovered they both have a manufacturing fault. The […]

Back to it!

With one thing and another, my rechargeable battery tester project has taken a bit of a back seat since the parts arrived two weeks ago. I needed to spend some time tidying the garden now that the plants are starting to die back and then the computer decided not to behave. Everything tested out ok, […]

Can’t win!

If it’s not the cats, it’s the magpies!

Topiary Ball

I live in an ‘open plan’ road and was forever getting the corner of my front lawn damaged by vehicles using my driveway to turn round. Towards the end of last year, I moved a small potted bush from the back garden to the front in an effort to deter the reversers. Although it worked, […]

Fence repairs – already :-(

My neighbour painted their side of my nice new fence last week.  Everyone has to learn, I suppose, but it was a shame they neglected to slip some cardboard under the panels while they painted them and allowed them to dry.  Luckily,a neighbour to one side of me spotted them and gave them some good […]

First Bin Run

Cut both lawns this morning for the first time in a week. I deliberately let them grow long while I tried to deal with whatever it is that’s ailing them. Anyway, ended up with a pile of grass cuttings that, when added to the other garden waste I’d collected, ended up way to much to […]

This ‘n That

I seem to be fighting a losing battle with both my front lawn and my back lawn 🙁   Although I’ve been giving them plenty of water, they’re dying! It looks like some sort of fungus disease in the back lawn and I’m guessing that I’ve transferred it to the front lawn on my shoes […]