Miscellaneous Arduino bits and pieces


I wrote most of the stuff you'll find here mainly for my own benefit, so that I won't forget what I've learned so far. Stored on my website is probably the safest place to keep it so I thought others may as well take a look as I learn about Arduino. Hopefully, anyone with more experience who happens to land on the site will point out any errors & pitfalls.


Get a Push Notification on your mobile when a local river level is high! .

Get a Push Notification on your mobile from your car battery charger! .

Updated Car Battery Voltage Logger and Plotter (ATmega1284P).

E-Paper Temperature Display/Plotter/Monitor with Web Server.

Simple Photographic/Kitchen Timer.

E-Paper Display Weather Monitor.

PM2.5 & PM10 Air Quality Monitor.

TV Infra Red Remote for Alexa/Echo-Dot.

Car Battery Voltage Logger and Plotter.

IV-12 VFD Clock with Mood LEDs.

Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) Clock.

ESP8266 Temperature Sender & Plotter.

TV Sound Amplifier with Remote IR Learning.

Remote switcher for a VGA-AV video converter..

Hand-held temperature monitor with alarm setpoints.

DSL Router monitor/watchdog.

XR2206-based Analogue Function Generator.

FM Transmitter MP3 Player for Car Radio.

A Simple AD9833 DDS Waveform Generator.

A Simple AD9850 DDS Waveform Generator.

Portable Radio to Complement the Portable MP3 Player.

Design Notes for a Home-based MP3 Player / FM Tuner.

Simple Portable Micro-SD Card MP3 Player.

Automatic Voltage Sensing Car Auxiliary Socket.

Rechargeable Battery Capacity Tester.

Simple 2.4 GHz Spectrum Analyser.

Picaxe Weather Station Repeater.

Brake Lights Tester.

15 Puzzle, Minefield, Lunar Lander & Draughts Game.

3.6v and 3.7v Lithium-Ion / Lithium-Polymer 1A Battery Charger.     (Also see: non-Arduino version.)

Portable FM Radio.

Camera Controller & Slave Flash Unit.

Arduino-based Bedside Alarm Clock Radio.

"Hiker's Companion" - Fairly impractical radio/compass/altimeter/pressure indicator.

Variable DC Power Supply.

A DIY Video PCB for Arduino's TVout library.

Arduino-based In-System Programmer.


Smaller Projects