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More Computer Woes!

I use a programming environment called ‘Delphi’. My version, Delphi 7, is rather old now but is still widely acclaimed to be the best version that was written. Much like Windows, it reached a peak after which there was only one way it could go. It was written in the days of Windows XP, so […]

What a waste!

Like most people who’ve been dabbling in computer-building and repairs for more years than I care to think about, coupled with my ‘come in handy one day’ mentality meant I’d acquired a fair-sized pile of spare parts. Some are even brand new, in their original boxes. It’s the sort of stuff that charity shops tend […]

Computer Woes

My first desktop computer’s operating system was called DOS 6.2. When you fired it up, once the computer had run though its own system checks (called the BIOS POST – Basic Input/output system, Power On Self-Test), you were shown a prompt on an otherwise black screen: DOS > To run a program, say a word […]