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Apple iOS7

My iPhone 4 has been pestering me the last few days to upgrade to the latest operating system iOS7. A friend, who’s much more confident in messing around with these things visited on Saturday, so it seemed a good opportunity to upgrade while I had the benefit of his expertise. So we upgraded to iOS7. […]

Puzzle Picture

Guess what?

Rain Gauge

About a week ago, before the nice weather came to an end, I decided to clean the ‘tipping bucket’ in the rain gauge for my weather station. Unfortunately, over the years, the case had become amazingly brittle. I hardly touched it and it fell apart into dozens of pieces. It was made from a 100 […]

The Old and the New

I went for a walk along the Moreton to Meols coast yesterday and spotted the work had started on the where the HVDC cable is coming ashore. I only had my mobile phone with me and grabbed this shot: So today, I took my ‘proper’ camera along and took these shots of the ‘work in […]