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After some torrential rain last week, we woke up to find the Arrowe Brook had burst its banks again – almost exactly 7 years to the day since last time. This time was worse, though, and – as usual – the authorities are blaming the unusually high rainfall. The Environment Agency rate this area as […]

Carr Lane Old Brickworks Site

The old brickworks site adjacent to Carr Lane has been the subject of several planning permission delays and appeals for many years now. Way back in 2001, Wirral’s Planning Department had stipulated a condition on the owners that they had permission to extract clay for a maximum of 11 years. However, in November 2011, the […]

Third Time Lucky?

Wirral has tried twice previously to get our patient information into private sector databases. And twice, the residents of Wirral have knocked them back following consultations (of sorts). One major concern was that American confidentiality safeguards are less stringent than in the UK. It looks like they’re having another try: Wirral Globe: Private sector plays […]

Back to it!

With one thing and another, my rechargeable battery tester project has taken a bit of a back seat since the parts arrived two weeks ago. I needed to spend some time tidying the garden now that the plants are starting to die back and then the computer decided not to behave. Everything tested out ok, […]

Welcome to the Wirral Dictatorship

Voice of the Globe: Lyndale families sold down the river Let’s be honest. This Council has connived and manoeuvred themselves into an unassailable position over the last few local elections and then by manipulating the structure of the Council itself. Nobody in their right mind could believe that every single Labour councillor thought this was […]

First Bin Run

Cut both lawns this morning for the first time in a week. I deliberately let them grow long while I tried to deal with whatever it is that’s ailing them. Anyway, ended up with a pile of grass cuttings that, when added to the other garden waste I’d collected, ended up way to much to […]

Job Done!

  “Captain Crater” may be on the lookout for Wirral’s potholed  roads but, yesterday, I spotted a lamp post full of them! Luckily,  the Council’s “lamp post man” was on the ball when I contacted my local Councillor and it was made safe within an hour. Not bad going for a late afternoon!  Job Done.

Make a Time Machine using your (redundant) Brown Bin!

Well, after an 8-month consultation, my local Council says on its website: “The consultation has now closed and over 6,500 responses are being compiled into a report which will be considered by the Council’s Cabinet on 7th February.” One question in the consultation asked if we’d be prepared to pay to have our brown bins […]