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Serial2Text is a simple program to receive text strings via a serial port and write the string to a text file.

A common use could be to log values sent from remote sensors.

A watchdog can be enabled to send an email notification if the serial communication fails.

Download ""

Motion JPEG Recorder and Player

Go to dedicated page: MJPEG-Cam & MJPEG-Player

SD Card/MP3 File Sorter & Printer

If you use Windows Explorer to create an MP3 compilation on an SD Card or your MP3 player, you've probably noticed that the tracks don't play in the same order as they appear in Explorer.

This is because Explorer displays the files in alphabetical order whereas the MP3 player plays them in the order they were saved to the flash card. The latter is more sensible because the tracks are played in the order the original album producer intended.

If you copy a group of files using Explorer, the order they're stored on the flash card is completely unpredictable. Again, this makes it difficult to organise the tracks to play in the order you want them to play in.

SD Card Sorter/Printer is a little Windows program which will read an SD Card (or MP3 player) and list the tracks in the order they will be played. It allows you to re-order the tracks simply by dragging them up and down the list before re-saving the files to the card in the order you've selected.

I surprises me that there is no simple way in Windows to print out a folder listing - either alphabetically or any other order - so SD Card Sorter/Printer allows you to create a neatly-formatted 'playlist' which can be printed out to keep as a reference alongside the MP3 player.

It's been tested on Windows 7 and 8.1 but should also run on XP.

Uploaded: 11 June 2014

Download "SD-Card Sorter" Windows installer.

Slide Show II

SlideShow II is a very simple file viewer for Bitmap, Gif, JPG and PNG images.

Images can be 'stepped through' manually or automatically, using an adjustable delay timer. You can display all images in a specified folder or create 'playlists'.

Last upload: 12 feb 2008 - 11:26

Download SlideShowII Windows installer. (659KB)

PhotoMotion 1.4

PhotoMotion is an application to capture movement in a video image from a webcam or other Windows-compatible video source. Suitable sources are USB webcams, DV/Firewire camcorders, composite video from TV-Capture cards, etc.

When motion is detected, a snapshot is taken which can be saved on your Hard Drive, e-mailed to you or sent by FTP to your website. Alternatively, video movie capture (in AVI format) can be started when motion is detected.

System requirements

Capturing video and detecting motion can be heavy on CPU usage so a reasonably modern computer with at least a 850MHz CPU, 250MB of RAM and a graphics card with at least 128MB of RAM is recommended. PhotoMotion requires DirectX-9. It has only been tested on Windows-XP but should run on later versions of 98se and Me.

Download (861k) View version history

Note: Windows Server 2008 Users will need to enable the 'Desktop Experience' features (in particular, Windows Media Player).


TimeLine v1.0 [Windows 98se, Me and XP] - Video Timelapse Moviemaker

TimeLine is used to capture a sequence of images from a live video source and automatically create a Windows AVI movie file.

The capture rate can be configured from 4 frames a second to 1 frame in over 24 hours and the final AVI file can be configured to run at any value bewteen 1 and 30 frames per second. A real time of hours can easily be compressed into seconds.

TimeLine can play back many video formats, including MPEG and VOB complete with sound.

TimeLine also contains a 'Frame Grabber' which can catch individual frames from either a Windows Media file or a live video source and save it in BMP, JPG, GIF or PNG format and a simple Bitmap-to-AVI converter.

Download (File size = 896k)

Note: Windows Server 2008 Users will need to enable the 'Desktop Experience' features (in particular, Windows Media Player).

If you're interested in graphics software, you may also be interested in VidGrab... A program to capture images.


ScreenCapture is a simple application which captures the screen, or a selected area of it, at a selected interval and saves it as a Bitmap, Gif, JPG or PNG image.

Last update: 12 Nov 2012 - added option to increment filename after each capture.

Download (376KB)

DVD Bitrate Calculator v1.2

This little calculator takes some of the guesswork out of deciding on suitable video and audio bit rates when transferring analogue or digital video from VCRs and CamCorders onto DVD or VCD.

Download DVD (File size = 226k)

Simple CPU Usage Monitor

This simple program can be used as a stand-alone CPU usage monitor but it can also set the usage figure as a Windows global Environment Variable which can be accessed by other programs or scripting languages.

Download (File size = 225k)

This software is available for download 'as is' - it has been tested on several computers but I can accept no responsibility for any damage or loss of data which may result (either directly or indirectly) from using this software.

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