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Telephone Preference Service

Like most people, I registered with the Telephone Preference Service and, also like most people, I found it a complete waste of time. Here’s yesterday’s call list dutifully blocked by my phone: On the occasions that I receive a call that isn’t blocked, they all have one of two things in common. They’re either from […]

That Time Of Year!

It’s that time of year! It hasn’t let me down yet but I thought better safe than sorry. May as well give the ol’ battery a boost while the car’s sat there doing nowt.

Automatic Voltage Sensing Car Auxiliary Socket

There are many devices which are designed to plug into a car’s auxiliary socket (formerly known as the cigarette lighter socket) which, ideally, depend upon the voltage turning off with the ignition. One such device, which I’ve recently fitted to my own car, is a dashcam. Luckily, the power to my car’s auxiliary socket is […]

Another HVDC Cable boat shot.

and a photo sent by my bro…

Takes all sorts.

What with speed humps, potholes, dog walkers, pedestrians, cyclists and the fact there’s no pavements, I would have thought that 20mph was plenty down this narrow lane. But, hey, what do I know….

Rechargeable Lithium Battery Capacity Tester

Finally written up the details of my rechargeable lithium battery tester and put the info on my main site for anyone interested.

Some more HVDC photos.

Lovely day and evening. Finally tempted me out at night! (As always, click a photo for a larger version – and click again for even larger!) 300mm lens. Night shots: 1/2 second f16

HVDC Cable

Back to it!

With one thing and another, my rechargeable battery tester project has taken a bit of a back seat since the parts arrived two weeks ago. I needed to spend some time tidying the garden now that the plants are starting to die back and then the computer decided not to behave. Everything tested out ok, […]