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The Things You Do!

Just walked into the living room deciding what to have for my evening meal and spotted the cat staring intently at the gas fire – well, actually, at a butterfly that had become trapped behind the glass! It’s a sealed unit gas fire so it can only have come in through the outside flue and […]


During the Bank Holiday weekend, I ordered some tiny electronic components for the latest project I’m building. I’d already bought most of the parts but had overlooked these. CPC is one of my favourite suppliers because they have no minimum order charge and online orders are sent postage free. As you can see, the parts […]

Pampered Pussy

No, not Mrs Slocombe’s! During these hot sticky nights, Misty, my cat, has been pestering to be let out around 3 o’clock in the morning. The problem is, she’s found a way out of the back garden by jumping off a fence but, she’s too fat or too lazy to get back in again. As […]