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After over four months of interruptions, I’ve finally finished my “Garden FM Radio” – something cheap and cheerful to sit out in the garden with.  All I need now is for it to stop raining! Full details on my main site, here.

To Bee Or…

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First Bin Run

Cut both lawns this morning for the first time in a week. I deliberately let them grow long while I tried to deal with whatever it is that’s ailing them. Anyway, ended up with a pile of grass cuttings that, when added to the other garden waste I’d collected, ended up way to much to […]

This ‘n That

I seem to be fighting a losing battle with both my front lawn and my back lawn 🙁   Although I’ve been giving them plenty of water, they’re dying! It looks like some sort of fungus disease in the back lawn and I’m guessing that I’ve transferred it to the front lawn on my shoes […]

Nice gesture!

I gave my new fence a coat of fence preservative a week or two ago. I wanted the natural wood grain to show through so I used a preserver rather than the usual ‘paint’. Now that the shrubbery has had chance to re-establish itself, I think it looks quite nice even though the preservative was […]