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Phew, wotta schorcher!

The coolest place this week has been in the house! Staying indoors gave me the chance to put the finishing touches to the battery charger for my Garden Radio. Full details on my main site, here.

Mad Dogs and Englishmen…

My internet wifi signal has always been pretty dire around the bungalow so I recently bought a Netgear Range Extender to see if it would improve things. It worked quite well but, as it was occupying the one and only socket in the hall, I decided to fit a socket in the utility cupboard which […]

Fence repairs – already :-(

My neighbour painted their side of my nice new fence last week. ¬†Everyone has to learn, I suppose, but it was a shame they neglected to slip some cardboard under the panels while they painted them and allowed them to dry. ¬†Luckily,a neighbour to one side of me spotted them and gave them some good […]