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Job Done!

  “Captain Crater” may be on the lookout for Wirral’s potholed  roads but, yesterday, I spotted a lamp post full of them! Luckily,  the Council’s “lamp post man” was on the ball when I contacted my local Councillor and it was made safe within an hour. Not bad going for a late afternoon!  Job Done.

After the storm…

After some of the strongest winds that I can remember for a long time, spent most of today blitzing the front and back gardens.  Loads of tidying up after winter and the wind had wrecked some of the plants and bulbs. On the plus side, I’d recently treated myself to a new 55mm – 300mm […]

Make a Time Machine using your (redundant) Brown Bin!

Well, after an 8-month consultation, my local Council says on its website: “The consultation has now closed and over 6,500 responses are being compiled into a report which will be considered by the Council’s Cabinet on 7th February.” One question in the consultation asked if we’d be prepared to pay to have our brown bins […]