Another Project Bites the Dust!

I’ve been racking my brains (or what’s left of them) for a new electronics project and had more-or less settled on a simpler version of my camera intervalometer.

I started costing the parts:
5-way Navigation Switch (with legend): £20.00
2-stage push switch (for focus & shutter): Unobtainable.
ATmega328 microcontroller & supporting parts: £5.00 ish
Enclosure: £5.00
etc etc.

I then came across this little item on ebay for £14.49 including postage:


Very often, we build things ourselves because commercially available products don’t quite do what we want but this does all I need it to do so, except for the pleasure of building something myself (something about 4 times the size!), it’s impossible to compete with.

Back to brain-racking time, I think!