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In July last year, I posted about a dashcam I’d fitted to the car.. well, the GPS unit packed up last week. Also, the connections on the mounting bracket (which were always a bit suspect) had got worse so I decided it was time for a new dashcam. Unfortunately, of necessity, these cameras operate in […]

New Project

FM Transmitter for Car MP3 Player

That Time Of Year!

It’s that time of year! It hasn’t let me down yet but I thought better safe than sorry. May as well give the ol’ battery a boost while the car’s sat there doing nowt.

Automatic Voltage Sensing Car Auxiliary Socket

There are many devices which are designed to plug into a car’s auxiliary socket (formerly known as the cigarette lighter socket) which, ideally, depend upon the voltage turning off with the ignition. One such device, which I’ve recently fitted to my own car, is a dashcam. Luckily, the power to my car’s auxiliary socket is […]

E-Prance HD 1296P Dashcam (Mini 0803)

I recently ordered this dashcam from Amazon. Although apparently dispatched from China, I was amazed that it arrived in just 7 days. There’s a very good review of it on Techmoan’s site so the following is just a quick summary of a few points I’ve found. I wasn’t able to tuck it out of the […]

Spring Is In The Air

It might be the Spring Equinox tomorrow but this particular spring was off my car! Admittedly my car’s not as young as it used to be but this is the second road spring to make a bid for freedom. I’ve had quite a few cars in my time and this is the first that has […]