Welcome to the Wirral Dictatorship

Voice of the Globe: Lyndale families sold down the river

Let’s be honest. This Council has connived and manoeuvred themselves into an unassailable position over the last few local elections and then by manipulating the structure of the Council itself.

Nobody in their right mind could believe that every single Labour councillor thought this was the right decision – yet it passed unanimously. The same as every other decision this Council makes. When individual councillors are unable or unwilling to cast a free vote, in my book, that’s the definition of a Dictatorship.

And make no mistake, they know exactly which part of the electorate they can ignore and which part they need to keep sweet with subsidies and benefits in order to ensure they’re voted into a majority again next time.

Moan about this Council all we like, nothing short of – somehow – getting Central Government to intervene in this totally corrupt and rotten borough will change anything.