Make a Time Machine using your (redundant) Brown Bin!


Well, after an 8-month consultation, my local Council says on its website:

“The consultation has now closed and over 6,500 responses are being compiled into a report which will be considered by the Council’s Cabinet on 7th February.”

One question in the consultation asked if we’d be prepared to pay to have our brown bins emptied and 51.7% of us said it would be totally unacceptable.

Err, so how come I’ve just received a hand-delivered leaflet telling me I’ll need to pay to have my Brown Bin emptied in future which is dated 31 Jan 13 – a full 7 days before the Council’s Cabinet met to consider it. Maybe they could pick the lottery numbers the same way and solve their financial problems at a stroke!


Really strange!┬áThere’s obviously something more to these Brown Bins than meets the eye. I’m hanging on to mine.

Even if I can’t get mine to travel backwards and forwards in time (it’s definitely not bigger on the inside), I should at least be able to turn it into a handy rainwater butt!