During the Bank Holiday weekend, I ordered some tiny electronic components for the latest project I’m building. I’d already bought most of the parts but had overlooked these. CPC is one of my favourite suppliers because they have no minimum order charge and online orders are sent postage free.


As you can see, the parts are tiny with a total cost of £1.08 including VAT.

Today, being the first day after the Bank Holiday, I was surprised to see a UPS delivery van pull up outside. The driver arrived with a weighty parcel which I signed for although I had no idea what it could be and was certain I’d been sent the wrong order.

But no. CPC had included their latest free calalogue – all 3595 pages of it – weighing in at just over 3kg!


I’m certainly not knocking it but it makes me wonder how a company can deliver, by UPS, a £1.08 item free of charge AND include a catalogue that is at least 4 times the thickness of a Maplin catalogue, that Maplin charge £2 for.