Topiary Ball

I live in an ‘open plan’ road and was forever getting the corner of my front lawn damaged by vehicles using my driveway to turn round. Towards the end of last year, I moved a small potted bush from the back garden to the front in an effort to deter the reversers. Although it worked, a combination of the high winds and the neighbourhood cats (including my own) quickly destroyed the bush.

I ordered a “40cm topiary ball” from an online store to replace the bush and it looked good. Unfortunately, the same wind and cats very soon saw that one off as well. It’s currently in intensive care in the back garden but it doesn’t look promising.

So, I decided to get an artificial one on the theory that anything is better than nothing. It arrived today and I soon had it anchored down into a pot. I think it looks quite good (ok, from a distance!) but, more importantly, it should withstand wind and cats and still act as a reversing deterrent.