ByVac IASI-2 Commands for HD47780 LCD Displays


ab0Backlight OFF
ab1Backlight ON

CommandCursor/Text Reset
ac1Clear display, Cursor Home
ac2Cursor Home. Resets display to match DDRAM

CommandCursor Type & Display Control
acaDisplay OFF (Any other command = display ON)
accCursor OFF
acdCursor OFF, Block Blink
aceCursor ON
acfCursor ON, Block Blink

CommandCursor/Text Shift (Rotate) - next 'Write' shows effect
(DDRAM is changed)
ac4Cursor moves left. Text reversed
ac5Cursor moves left. Text shifts left
ac6Cursor moves right. Text normal
ac6Cursor moves right. Text shifts left

CommandCursor/Text Shift (Rotate) -Immediate effect on display only
(DDRAM is unchanged)
ac10Cursor moves left
ac14Cursor moves right
ac18Cursor movesleft. Text shifts left
ac1cCursor moves right. Text shifts right

Cursor positioning commands - "ac--" (Hex).

80818283848586878889 8a8b8c8d8e8f90919293
c0c1c2c3c4c5c6c7c8c9 cacbcccdcecfd0d1d2d3
9495969798999a9b9c9d 9e9fa0a1a2a3a4a5a6a7
d4d5d6d7d8d9dadbdcdd dedfe0e1e2e3e4e5e6e7

CGRAM Character Locations

Character:00 (08)01 (09)02 (0a)03 (0b)04 (0c)05 (0d)06 (0e)07 (0f)
Location ("ac--"):4048505860687078


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