Arduino Cleanup Batch File


The Arduino IDE is a bit relaxed about its housekeeping and tends to leave three uniquely-named temporary folders and three temporary files behind when it closes. After a relatively short time, quite a large number of folders and files can be amassed. On a Windows system, they are stored in c:\users\{user}\appdata\local\temp which isn't the quickest folder to navigate to. The following batch file can be saved on your desktop as Arduino-Cleanup.bat and run from time to time to delete the appropriate folders and directories.

rem Clean up temporary Arduino files & folders.
rem First change directory to location
rem of temporary folders...

cd c:\users\john\appdata\local\temp

for /d %%a in (console*.tmp) do rmdir /s /q %%a
for /d %%a in (untitled*.tmp) do rmdir /s /q %%a

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