iOS7 Update

I think this is the second update since iOS7 was released (escaped?) mid-September.

The first one apparently fixed the bug which allowed the lock screen to be by-passed.

There’s quite a long list of changes associated with this latest update (7.0.3). The most notable addition is probably iCloud Keychain. From a quick read of the on-screen notes before the update started, this (when switched ON) links the various iCloudy type Apple accounts with one password. Presumably much like Google do.

The biggest improvement, for me with my humble iPhone 4 is the ability to turn off the screen animation/zoom when switching between screens. Ever since the change from iOS6 to iOS7, this animation has been very jerky. Give Apple their due, they have listened to their customers and made a fix (unlike Google who don’t seem to give a toss when hundreds thousands of people complain about a disliked browser feature).

In the iPhone 4, a new slide switch has appeared under Settings | Accessibility : Reduce Motion. Turning this ON eliminates the jerky zooming between screens and is replaced with a smooth transition/dissolve.