Mickey Mouse Accounting

I recently received my quarterly electricity statement from Scottish Power which was based on an estimate of the amount of juice I’d used. In the next post, I received a letter saying my Direct Debit was going to be increased from £40 to £47 per month starting in April.

Nobody likes price increases but I thought ‘fair enough’, we can’t do much about it.

But I noticed that the estimated meter reading was more than I’d actually used so I completed the online meter reading webpage. You never know, the DD might only increase to, say £46 a month instead and better in my bank account than theirs.

Got an email this morning thanking me for my updated meter reading.. oh and we’ll be increasing the Direct Debit to £49 a month (not £47) and starting in March instead of April !

Hmm, use less leccy than they estimated but pay them £2 a month more and starting a month earlier!

Phoned them up and explained I couldn’t understand the logic behind their accounting so they’ve dropped the DD to £45 a month (starting in April) – the £49 for March has already gone through!

I’m not sure how they work out the monthly Direct Debit but I bet they’re crap at pinning the tail on the donkey as well!