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Arduino - hardware and software projects

Programming the BaoFeng UV-5R

12v to 10v car adapter for BaoFeng Charger

Arduino - hardware and software projects

Picaxe © - connecting miscellaneous sensors etc

Power brick & Switched mode head to head (1)

Power brick & Switched mode head to head (2)

Adapting headphones-out for Line-in

Resetting the Fairmate HP-2000 CPU

Temperature-controlled fan for a PVR

Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) Clock.
ESP8266 Temperature Sender and Plotter.
TV Sound Amplifier with IR remote learning function.
Mini Project: USB Power Adapter for a DashCam.
Remote Network swicher for commercial VGA-to-AV Converter.
AHD & CVBS Video Splitter
DSL Router Monitor/Watchdog with Notify My Android Notification
XR2206-based Accurate Function Generator
A 500mA (1A max) ±5v and ±12v Power Supply
A Basic AD9850 Waveform Generator
Rigol DS1052E 50MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope Review
Picaxe Weather Station Repeater
charger Arduino-based Vehicle Brake Lights Tester
charger Arduino-based Lithium-Ion/Lithium Polymer Battery Charger
radio Cheap and Cheerful Arduino-based 'Garden' Radio
charger" Lithium-Ion charger for the 'Garden' Radio
flash An Arduino-based Camera & Flash Controller
power supply An Arduino-based Bedside FM Radio Alarm Clock
power supply Build A Variable DC Bench Power Supply.
Weather Station! Build A PICAXE Weather Station.
A PICAXE Microcontroller High Quality Video Switchbox.
Starting Electronics - a simple first project.
How to build a Video Switchbox.
An 8-input 'Solid State' Video Switchbox.
How Radio Works.
How Computers Work.
How Oscilloscopes Work.
A very brief history of Radio.
Follow this guide to help track down TVI.
Interactive Great Circle Maps of the World.
Check out my collection of calculators, ready-reckoners, etc.

A small selection of software to download.

Links to Selected External Sites

Paul (G0HWC) SSTV Site. SSTV, Echolink, APRS and more. is a site to allow hams to sell unwanted equipment free of charge - no selling fees & no listing fees.

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