BaoFeng UV-5R 12v Charger Adapter

BaoFeng UV-5R 12v Charger Adapter

The docking charger supplied with the BaoFeng UV-5R requires - unusually - a 10v DC supply. The mains adapter supplied with the radio is fine at home but something else is needed to charge it from the car's cigarette lighter socket.

Although there is a modification which involves fitting a regulator inside the charger base, I preferrred to make a separate charger lead for the car to avoid opening the charger and modifying the PCB itself.

Although car cigarette lighter plugs aren't exactly small, there usually isn't very much spare space inside them - even less so with a fused plug. I used this plug as I already had one in my spares box.

The "circuit" uses an LM2940-10 Low dropout 10v 1A regulator. I built it into the shell of the cigarette lighter plug in "dead-bug" style.

The DC power plug which plugs into the BaoFeng charger is 2.1mm