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Screenshot from AVI file.

QuickCam is another security application based on motion-detection. It can stream the video to the internet to enable the camera's video to be viewed remotely. Motion detection captures the video to a file which can be captured as full frame uncompressed AVI or with a variety of compression options.

The motion detection is configurable to ignore motion outside a specified area and it can also be set to ignore excessive motion inside the detection area. This helps to avoid video capture during heavy rain, for example.

QuickCam can be configured to automatically delete captured video files after a specified number of days.

Updated: 02.11.2010 -
QuickCam now optionally asks before closing.

Updated: 30.03.2010 -
QuickCam can now handle video input devices which have more than one input and provides a simple http protocol to switch video inputs remotely via a web page.

Note: Windows Server 2008 Users will need to enable the 'Desktop Experience' features (in particular, Windows Media Player).


Network Graph 1.0

Network Graph is an application to monitor the network adapters on your system and plot their traffic on a graph.

NetworkGraph also shows the network statistics in tabulated form and both the graph and the tabulated statistics are available remotely via a simple HTTP web server. Running totals are kept for downloaded and uploaded traffic for each network adapter.

There are lots of configuration options to change the graph's appearance both on-screen and via the webserver.


Ping Graph version 1.3

Simple Ping Plotting software with a variety of display and timing options. Images can be saved in BMP, JPG, GIF or PNG format.

Includes a simple http server so graph pages can be made available via a web browser.

(29 March 2008 - Mod to accomodate different behaviour in Vista when SP1 is installed)

Download zip version

Download Windows installer version

WebStream 1.0

WebStream is primarily a video security application based on motion-detection. It works with any Windows Media-compatible video source and has options to:
  • Continuously stream video over the internet, independently of the motion detection, using http protocol with stream bitrates ranging from 20.0 Kbps to 256 Kbps. Using http enables any compatible player to display the stream (Media Player, VLC, etc).

  • Capture video in AVI format with an optional date/time overlay. Video is only captured when movement is detected and there is an adjustable "run-on" timer to capture video after movement ceases.

  • An audible alarm can be sounded when movement is detected. The sound can be a built-in siren sound or a user-selected wave file.

  • WebStream can control hardware connected to the computer's USB port by using a commercially available USB interface card.

Download (789k)

Note: Windows Server 2008 Users will need to enable the 'Desktop Experience' features (in particular, Windows Media Player).

Mini-Server 1.0 with PHP Support

I wrote Mini-Server primarily so that I could learn PHP programming without the need to be constantly uploading files to my website in order to use my website host's http server.

However, Mini-Server has also turned out to be a useful little http web server in its own right, hence the addition of one or two simple features such as Authentication and some simple Logkeeping.

If you want to run a website from home, this server could be all you need but please bear in mind that, as it is primarily a programming development tool, the help file is somewhat limited.

Download (464KB)

This software is available for download 'as is' - it has been tested on several computers but I can accept no responsibility for any damage or loss of data which may result (either directly or indirectly) from using this software.

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