A Variable DC Power Supply


This project uses potentially lethal mains voltages and comparatively high currents. Do NOT skimp on safety arrangements such as earthing (grounding), fuses, ventilation and preventing access to live parts through ventilation slots.

The Printed Circuit Board

'Special' Components

Enclosure 235 x 150 x 80mm Discount Devices
Heatsink 60 x 165.5 x 35mm Discount Devices
10,000µF 63V CapacitorDiscount Devices
4k7 5-Turn PotentiometerGSR ANALOG
Transformer 7.5 + 7.5v 50VARapid Electronics
Terminal Posts 4mmRapid Electronics
Seno etch resist transfersRapid Electronics
ATmega328 with Arduino Bootloader HobbyTronics
16MHz Crystal + 2x22pf Caps. HobbyTronics
ACS712 5A Breakout Board HobbyTronics
LCD 16 x 2 and BV4108 Controller ByVac Electronics
BV104 USB-to-Serial Converter ByVac Electronics


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