RouterStats -Lite


I began work on RouterStats in June 2006 and it has, inevitably, grown beyond what I originally envisaged.

RouterStats -Lite is an attempt to provide a program more in line with the original concept - to be able to plot the router's Downstream Noise Margin and Connection Speed on graphs and very little else.

In an effort to make the original RouterStats as flexible as possible, some compromises had to be made in the method used to extract the various numeric values from the pages displayed by the router.

I have taken a different approach with RouterStats -Lite in that each router will be able to have its own dedicated 'algorithm' in order to extract just the two values. Users simply select their router from a drop-down list, confirm the url to connect to the router and enter their own Username and Password. All the "text searching" takes place automatically. They won't need to know any special urls to "secret" or "hidden" pages - just the basic IP address they always use to access the router.... and that's where I'm looking for volunteers....

Currently, thanks to help from owners of these routers, I have been able to program the algorithms (usually via http) for quite a range of routers I know that, in principle, it will work with the same routers as RouterStats but, because I am not using a 'one size fits all' approach, I will need some data from other routers in order to provide dedicated search algorithms for them. This should result in a more reliable (and faster) extraction of the data from the routers.

Some routers don't work too well with RouterStats and it should be possible to get them to work better with RouterStats-Lite. If you would be willing to assist with the development of RouterStats -Lite, I would be most grateful if you could contact me via the "contact me" link on my website. I will NOT need to borrow your router (!!) but I may need a little of your time to test one or two Beta's mainly just to check that it logs in to the router and extracts the data ok.

Please note that the router MUST pop up a login authentication dialogue similar to one of those shown on the right. RouterStats -Lite will not work with routers which use a login embedded in a router webpage.

The information I need is:

  • Make, Model and version number of the router. And the version number of the software if it's known.

  • The Default IP address (eg

  • The DEFAULT Username and Password

  • Please confirm that the router uses a popup authentication box as shown above (not a webpage type form).

  • The full URL to the page (or separate Frame) which displays the Noise Margin and Speed.
    Please note that this URL must be to a simple, separate "stand-alone" page containing the SNR and Connection Speed. (More info.)

  • A text copy of the source of that page (complete with all the HTML code tags and other gobbledegook). It seems, from experience, that it's better if you can email the file as an email attachment rather than incorporating it into the body of the email. I suspect some email programs can upset the formatting of the file when it's included in the body.

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