IV-12 Vacuum Fluorescent Display Clock
June 2019


Unusual Components

6x IV-12 VFD TubeseBay, Tubes Store
60x Single Socket Pins for IV-12 tubes eBay, pv electronics
HV5812P-G High Voltage Driver. 28 pin 0.6" PDIPRS Components, Mouser Electronics
TSOP38238 Vishay 38kHz IR ReceivereBay
5v to 1.5v DC-DC ConvertereBay
5v to 50v DC-DC ConvertereBay, Ali Express

Printed Circuit Boards

NOTE: Although the IV-12 datasheet shows them as having a diameter of 22.5mm, the tubes I received are only 21.5mm. The PCB layout is based on the smaller diameter. You may need to alter the tube spacing slightly if your tubes are, in fact, 22.5mm.

PCB Artwork in pdf format


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