Bromborough Pool (Price's Village)

Although Port Sunlight is famous for its houses built for the workers at the local soap factory, it was not the first such village in the area.

Thirty-five years earlier, in 1853, James and George Wilson, who were directors of Price's Patent Candle Company of Batersea, were looking for a site to establish a new northern factory. Bromborough Pool was the site they chose for the Price's Candle Factory and the village that was built for its workers was (and still is) known as Price's Village even though only a small building with a clock tower is all that remains of the original Price's factory.

The village was built in phases - the first being 32 houses in York Street for key-workers brought in from the Batersea factory in order to train local workers for the factory. Due to financial difficulties, there was a delay of 12 years before phase two was started in 1872 but, again due to financial problems, only lasted for six years. It was to be another 20 years before work continued. By 1901, the village had a school, a church, a village hall and a total of 142 houses.

Since the turn of the century, candle manufacture has been concentrated at the Batersea factory. In 1937, the Bromborough Pool factory became part of the Unilever group and recently the name was changed to Unichema Limited.