Hoylake Lifeboats

Early Days

Between 1803 and 1894 the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board maintained Hoylake lifeboat station. When the suprintendent of Hoylake's lifeboat retired on 30th June 1894, he was given a gift of 10 UK Pounds and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution took over the station. A new lifeboat station, costing 1090 UK Pounds was built in 1897, the old one having been pulled down at a cost of 16 UK Pounds.

Extracts from some Early Logs

The Coard William Squarey (1894 - 1904)

14th October 1894
Schooner Thomas Mason of Beaumaris, saved 3 lives.

14th July 1895
Yawl Sally of Liverpool, saved 3 lives.

29th July 1895
Steamer Flying Falcon of Liverpool. Transferred 76 passengers to New Brighton steam lifeboat and stood by boat.

25th September 1895
Flat Catherine of LIverpool, saved 2 lives.

2nd October 1895
Schooner The Cousin of Beaumaris, saved 2 lives.

21st February 1897
Flat Ann Grace of Liverpool, stood by.

14th October 1897
Flat Liverpool of Liverpool, assisted.

30th August 1898
Yacht Queen of New Brighton, stood by boat.

16th October 1902
Barquentine Matador of Riga, saved 9 lives.

3rd April 1904
Yacht Shrimp of Rock Ferry, saved 4 lives.

13th December 1904
Flat Fair Trade of Llanddulas, saved 3 lives.

Admiral Briggs (1895 - 1911) [Hilbre Island]

James Stevens (1914 - 1924) [Hilbre Island]

If the call came when the tide was out at Hoylake, instead of launching the Hoylake lifeboat, the crew would cross the shore to the Hilbre Island Station.

The Hannah Fawcett Bennett (1908 - 1931)

22nd August 1908:
Flat Evening Star of Liverpool, stood by.

12th April 1909:
Yacht Roulette of Hoylake, 3 lives saved.

28th August 1909:
Sloop Charming Nancy of Cardigan, 2 lives saved.

3rd February 1910:
Ketch Alexandra of Chester, 4 lives saved.

12th March 1910:
Steam flatVictoria of Liverpool, 5 lives saved.

17th August 1924:
YachtDart of Hilbre, 2 lives saved.

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