Arrowe Park and Arrowe Hall

Arrowe Park covers approximately 425 acres and was originallyowned by John Ralph Shaw who, between 1835 and 1844, built an Elizabethan-style mansion - called Arrowe Hall. It was extended twice between 1864 and 1876 with the addition of a billiards room and a conservatory.

At about that time, the property was handed down to Captain Otho Shaw whose main interest was travelling the World. As a result, the Hall became virtually a private museum to house items he had collected during his travels. His collection included a fine collection of glass and pottery more than 2000 years old which came from the Tombs of Cyprus and a carved oak bedroom suite made in York in 1684.

At one time, the Arrowe Estate came into the ownership of Lord Leverhulme and from him to Birkenhead Corporation who bought all 425 acres in 1927.

1929 was the 21st anniversary of the Scouting movement and, although the movement's World jamboree was scheduled to be held in Czechoslovakia, it was agreed that it would be held in Britain where the movement was founded. 50,000 scouts spent the ten-day event camped on the Arrowe Park. At the time it was the largest gathering of international youth the world had ever seen.

More recently, a 910 bed hospital has been built on 15 acres of the land and Arrowe Hall itself is now a care centre for the physically and mentally handicapped.