Stevenson Screen


Attach the fourth side and glue in its internal louvres. The sensors will be fitted from underneath so the fourth side doesn't need to be openable. I fitted two extra cross pieces of wood at the top to give extra strength and to close a gap caused by there being no internal louvre at the very top.

I fitted a 6mm x 6mm vertical strip of wood at each corner using weatherproof sealant and gave the entire box several coats of enamel spray paint, inside and out.


The roof is made from an off-cut of air-spaced soffit left behind by the builders last year. On the underside of the roof, I glued 12mm plastic angle round the edge and glued on two strips of wood before giving it all a few coats of paint. The strips of wood are for screws, screwed through the top 'rails' in the box from the inside. I used screws to attach the roof, rather than glue, so that it'll be easier to clean the inside should it become necessary.


The bottom is made from a piece of plastic grill which is included with the ScrewFix vent panels. The disc and tube is just a "left-over" from my first sensor-housing attempt. The probes will sit on top with the wires passing through the tube to the outside.

Although it's not obvious from this photograph of the completed screen, the roof slopes slightly backwards - achieved by slightly compressing the two layers of the roof towards the back. I deliberately left the airgap in the roof exposed to allow ventilation which may help to keep the inside cool. There's also a 6mm air gap between the roof and the main box all the way round the sides and over the top to the inside.


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