Finding the Right URL

If you're using a Netgear DG834 or DG834G, you should be able to skip this page and go on to the next section (Configuring RouterStats) .... However, this page is quite short and may be worth reading anyway.

As I mentioned in the introduction, configuring RouterStats requires some detective work and an understanding of how your router displays its statistics in your web browser.

So, the best way to start your sleuthing is by displaying your router's Stats page in your browser. If you're lucky, it will be a simple page showing the stats we want to monitor. More often than not, though, the section of the page showing the stats will either be in a webpage 'Frame' or will be displayed as a pop-up window after clicking a link or pressing a button.

Your objective is to narrow your search for the page down until you have the simplest "stand-alone" page which contains the stats.

An example

Here's part of the main page which my router displays when I log in. In order to get to the Noise Margin figure that I'm interested in, I need to press the Show Statistics button. This brings up the pop-up window shown (in part) below:

Our objective is to determine the actual URL we need to type into the browser's Address Bar in order to display this page directly.

Unfortunately, in this particular case, only the main part of the URL is shown on the pop-up window's Title Bar so a bit more detective work is required.

As this pop-up window is constantly being refreshed, we may need to click its Stop button. Then, if we right-click on the pop-up window, we can select This Frame - view frame source, and get the full URL from the source window's title bar.

Here, in this Netgear DG834, it's

Once we have that URL, we should be able to type it in the browser's Address Bar and display the page directly. We are then finally ready to begin configuring RouterStats.


Here, I'll add URLs to the stats page as I discover them. Note that you will still need to teach the routers the location of the Noise & Sync figures (unless otherwise stated) - as shown in the next section.

The following URLs assume the manufacturer's default:

Netgear DG834(G) v1 and v2  (Noise & Sync should be found automatically)

You may find your router listed here:

Thanks to those who have let me know the following URLs:

Belkin F5D7630-4A (UK)

Draytek Vigor 2600G (see also Other Routers)
Use a <space> for the Username.

Linksys HG200

Linksys WAG54G (possibly WAG354G) or

Linksys WAG160N

Linksys WAG200G

Netgear DM111P

Orange Livebox (Inventel)

Speedtouch 510 v4 (Firmware (Works partly. Rx Noise and Rx Sync OK)

Speedtouch 585 v6

Thomson Speedtouch 585v6 /cgi/b/dsl/dt/?be=0&l0=1&l1=0

Voyager 2100 (possibly 2110 and 2091) (see also Other Routers)

Voyager 220V (see also Other Routers)
(Check the 'Use source' checkbox. See the FAQ

Zoom X5v

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